Still Transitioning

Deborah Kehoe, English Instructor & Writing Center Director, Northeast Community College Still Transitioning I am looking forward once again to attending this fine event where Mississippi writing teachers gather to commune and confer about the responsibilities and challenges we all face, challenges that change, and those that never seem to go away. I am especially happy to be on the […]

The “Baby Teacher” by Keith Boran

Although I am beginning my seventh year as an instructor of writing, I still view myself as a “new” teacher, or what my mother, a high school English teacher, would call a “baby teacher.” Do not misunderstand me – I have gained some knowledge and confidence in what I have chosen as a career, but it always seems to evaporate […]

Sheena Boran’s Own Transition

This year, I’ve made a transition of my own: after ten years in the face-to-face classroom, I’m an online instructor. I’m embracing the challenges of this new environment, and I’ve enjoyed finding new ways to reach students. But teaching from behind a screen is isolating. I don’t pass colleagues in the hall or overhear snippets of other instructors’ lectures. (I […]

Personality in the Online Classroom

In my teaching circle this week (which is made up mostly of online teachers), we got onto the topic of personality in an online course. We didn’t just mean our own personality as instructors, but the personality of the class itself. Every face-to-face class has a personality by the end of the semester. In almost every class I’ve taught, there […]