Words of Wisdom

Lisa Reid, English Dept. Chair/Senior English Teacher, St. Aloysius High School Well, I thought I had it right. Over the years, I have worked furiously to set up an effective peer response system for my senior English students. I failed miserably at my early attempts, but bolstered by ideas from Transitioning workshops, I persevered. In the last year I had […]

Playing “Catch Up”

Mike Schwartz, English Teacher, Independence High School I think that the primary concern for high school English teachers is how to meet the new common core standards with the renewed emphasis on written expression.  For years, the primary focus of English instruction was to teach the specific skills that we knew would be assessed on the SAT multiple choice test, no more […]

My Challenge

Gretchen Bunde, Instructor, University of Mississippi Department of Writing and Rhetoric I guess I’m supposed to avoid favoritism in the classroom.  But I can’t help it–I love analysis.  As a student, it was my favorite type of writing.  I enjoy analyzing an author’s choices, whether they occur in the form of precise diction, expertly developed ethos, or strong organizational choices.  […]

“Without a struggle, there can be no progress.”

Dena Holley, Secondary English Teacher, Pontotoc High School Often times, high school teachers face two challenges in the writing realm. Students cannot transition to college writing when they have not yet transitioned to the high school writing level. I was sorely disappointed when I saw the rough drafts of my students’ research papers. Unfortunately, I assumed they knew, as eleventh […]

College Readiness: A Whimsical Buzzword Vocabulary Study

Rachel Johnson, Writing Center Director and Writing Instructor, University of Mississippi Tupelo I’ll go ahead and put this out there. I am a total nerd. That’s right: Star Trek, gadgetry, ironic vintage décor, a pencil sharpener collection… the whole shebang. But, not all of my geekery turns to frivolous pursuits; I do have some marketable hobbies. One of those has […]