Featured Speakers

Ellen Shelton :

Ellen Shelton

Ellen Shelton directs the UM Writing Project and Pre-College Programs in the Division of Outreach; she holds an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and a M.A. in English from the University of Mississippi, and taught high school for 15 years; in her spare time she plays the cello and spends time with her husband and her cat (not in that order).

Cynthia Selfe : Ohio State University

Cynthia Selfe

Ohio State University

Selfe is the first woman and the first English teacher ever to receive the EDUCOM Medal for innovative computer use in higher education. She has authored or edited a number of works on digital technology, both alone and in collaboration with colleagues. Along with Scott DeWitt, she is the Director of OSU's annual Digital Media and Composition (DMAC)summer institute. She also coordinates the English Department's program of Visiting Scholars in Digital Media and Composition. Selfe studies digital technologies to learn more about people.

Clint Gardner : Salt Lake City Community College

Clint Gardner

Salt Lake City Community College

In more than two decades of working in writing centers, Clint Gardner has evolved a depth of knowledge about writing center theory and practice, one-to-one instruction, peer tutoring, and the use of computers in composition classrooms and writing centers. An avid blogger and participant in online discussion forums, he is noted for his passionate advocacy of peer tutoring, particularly in two-year colleges. In a recent talk in which he defines the writing center as a contact zone where tutors and writers alike grow in immeasurable ways, Gardner quotes the philosopher Hannah Arendt: “For excellence, the presence of others is required.” Director of the Salt Lake Community College Student Writing Center in Salt Lake City Utah, USA, Gardner received the Ron Maxwell Leadership Award in 2012 from the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. He has also served as President of the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) and as Secretary of the Two-year College Association (TYCA) of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Richard “Dickie” Selfe : Ohio State University

Richard “Dickie” Selfe

Ohio State University

Dr. Selfe’s teaching interests include computer-intensive first-year English, technical communication, and graduate technology studies courses. As
the director of the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing and Writing Center Coordinator at Ohio State, he brings 25 years of experience offering K-16 professional development institutes to teachers and students.