Video Vignettes: Student and Teacher Voices

For this year’s Transitioning to College Writing Symposium, we interviewed writing teachers and writing students about what it means to move between high school, college, and university writing. We heard from a variety if perspectives, and it helped us understand the diversity and richness of teaching and learning writing here in Mississippi. You can watch both videos below. To turn […]

We don’t measure by oscilloscope!

One of the great benefits of making your way through the world with writing is the view it affords of a range of disciplines – I have often commented that writing, editing, and the teaching and mentoring of writing have provided me a rich life and no money! However, one of the dirty secrets of the professional world is the […]

Avoiding “Academic Bullshit”: Meeting Disengaged Students Where They Are

“This is boring.” “This is stupid.” “I shouldn’t have to take this class. It’s pointless. I’m a good writer!” “I hate to write.” “I hate to read AND write.” Having been in first-year college composition classrooms for twenty years, I have heard students’ distancing comments in halls, coming into and leaving classrooms, and I have heard them in the classroom […]