Thinking about writing and reading

How do we write? Sometimes, I write on paper–in my calendar, on a lists, or on a letter or card to someone special. When thinking, I like to make notes on pads of yellow paper and draw connections between and across ideas. And I like post-it’s and cards, for smaller tasks and reminders. Often, I compose at the keyboard, on […]

Transitions, Fit, & the Writing Center

Transitioning to college writing ain’t easy. Heck, the transition to college overall can be fraught with challenges and prone to failure for those not familiar with the cultural and academic practices found on university campuses. Once students reach college, the best campuses work tirelessly to help students find their fit. This is predominantly sought through social and civic engagement opportunities […]

Better things to do?

Co-workers sigh (and some smirk), as they stroll past my office door on their way to the Scantron™ machine, “Whew, I could never read all that stuff….” There are times I daydream about what I could be doing instead of wading through another round of student writing. I remember a 2012 study from University of Akron that compared the scoring […]