Many hands make lighter work

Teaching writing may not ever seem like “light work,” but this symposium’s goal is help make the transition to college writing a bit lighter. Teachers at high schools, community colleges, and universities will come together to discuss current types of writing instruction and to encourage each other in the complex process of writing instruction.

When I was rookie teacher, I felt all alone. It seemed as if I was given a text and was told, “Go and teach.” The responsibility for creating writing assignments and for writing instruction weighed very heavily on my shoulders. The work was very hard and heavy because my hands were the only hands involved in the process. I needed “many hands,” but I was too timid or self-conscious to ask a more experienced teacher for advice or help.

As I have matured as a teacher, I have realized that good instructional methods and good assignments aren’t to be hoarded or guarded from others but are to be shared. If teachers can share resources, more and more students will get to experience good writing instruction, and more and more students will have the potential to become good writers. Teachers can make their own work lighter by sharing, and in turn they can make the student’s work lighter. Students will benefit from instruction that has been compiled from different writing authorities, and that specialized instruction will make a writing assignment seem less challenging.

I am thankful that an assignment swap will be part of this symposium. Each teacher has the opportunity to share a favorite writing assignment (or two) and has the added bonus of taking home many new and different writing assignments. Whether someone may be looking for an assignment on a specific subject or topic or whether someone simply wants some new assignments to liven up his or her course, a plethora of assignment possibilities will be available. Remember, “Many hands make light work!” You don’t want to miss this opportunity to pitch in with other teachers and to help make writing instruction a lighter load to carry!

See you in October,

Lynndy Hurdle

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