Documentary Project

The Mississippi Teachers Talk documentary project continues this year! We will have a place set up on both Friday and Saturday for teachers to talk about their teaching and their students. Teachers may engage with one or more of the following questions:


  1. Specific Assignments/Strategies: What is the very best writing assignment you ever gave your students, and what made it so effective?
  2. Student Engagement in the Writing Process: How do you foster student engagement in the writing process, from planning to drafting to peer review and revision? What specific strategies do you use?
  3. Transitioning: How do you anticipate the expectations of each student’s next academic level when making decisions about your curriculum?
  4. Evolution of teaching: How has your approach to teaching writing evolved since your first experience?
  5. Writing’s Role: (How) are we, writing teachers, making a difference in our students’ lives?

Mississippi Teachers Talk: 2013 TCW Documentary