Thursday, October 24, 2019
1:30pm-5:30pmJackson Avenue Center Atrium
Registration & Sign-in
2:00pm-4:00pmJAC Auditorium A
PRE-SYMPOSIUM WORKSHOP with Don Unger & Liz Lane
"Cut, Paste, and Copy Your World: Using Zines to Introduce Community Writing"

This interactive workshop explores community writing as an emerging approach to writing instruction in K-12 and college classrooms. Drawing from their experience coordinating community-based projects and founding a free/open-access journal on activism and community organizing, the workshop coordinators define community writing, present project examples, and lead attendees in making a zine about what writing looks like in their communities. This workshop provides attendees with resources for adapting this assignment in their classes as well as resources for learning more about how community writing informs teaching and research.
4:30pm-5:15pmJAC Auditorium B
Introductions by Dr. Ellen Shelton, UMWP
Plenary Workshop with Isabel Baca
5:30pm-7:30pmJAC Atrium
Poster Session
• Emily Cooley “From Farm to Fork: Going Green Locally”
• Anhua Feng “The Application of Teacher Leadership in Student Writing”
• Colleen Thorndike “CompQuest: a Writing Process Gamification”
• Don Unger “Lessons in Community Organizing from Mississippi’s Black Worker-Owned & Operated Co-ops in the 1960s & 70s”
• Gabrielle Vogt “Using Their Own Voices: Exploring the Writing of English Language Learners in a Mississippi Middle School”
• Marc Watkins “Real-Time Assessment in Writing Intensive Course”

Reception & Networking Event
Food and drinks from My Michelle’s with beer and wine
7:30pmJAC Atrium
A Toast in Memory of Jason Jones
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