New Year, New Opportunities

Each new school year brings the excitement of new students, new goals, and new opportunities. Each new year, teachers eagerly await their students’ return, thrilled to have the chance to try a new strategy or new approach. Each new year, teachers have the hope that this will be the year more students are inspired to write. On the other hand, […]

Building Blocks

Through my years as an educator I have worked in high school classrooms with small and large groups of freshmen and seniors, in the college environment with freshmen, as well as one on one with under-prepared college students. Today I’d like to focus on my experience with under-prepared students and the building blocks to success. There are many reasons as […]

The development of a writing curriculum at Lamar School

Four years ago at Lamar School in Meridian, we began developing a writing program.  It has evolved and is continuing to evolve as, through trial and error, we find what works best for our teachers and students.  Initially, we adopted the Institute for Excellence in Writing program at the elementary and middle school.  The IEW structure contains nine units and […]

Not the Duel of Dual-Enrollment, But Some Observations

This semester, Itawamba Community College has several duel-enrolled classes on high school campuses. I don’t want to debate whether or not dual-enrollment is good or evil, but this week I’ve found myself examining my knowledge of dual-enrolled students. My exploration is prompted by one of my WC supervisors teaching a dual-enrolled class at a local high school. She seemed genuinely […]

Teachable Moments Revisited (When You Are the Person Your Student is Writing about . . . Incorrectly)

To prepare to write this blog post I thought I would read through some of last year’s entries. One post that stood out to me while reading was Jeanine Rauch’s post focused on teachable moments, and I thought that I would continue that thread from a different angle, especially after a recent summer teaching experience. As a writing teacher, I […]